The Pussyfication of America


I am sick and tired of the gendercide that is trampling over American men in this country.

The roots sprout firmly from the single mother households. Many women now feel they don't need a "father" image around their children. The family image of a mother and a father surrounded by happy kids has now been replaced by the mother standing on top of the father's battered body, pounding her chest yelling "I am king of the world!!" while the kids raise themselves with fast food and TV/video games.

In the American female black-widowesque need to conquer and devour all things within her sight she has single -handedly destroyed the family values of this country.

NOT the violent TV

NOT The bloody video games

NOT the exclusion on religion in the class room

Single mother housholds are the reason the prisons are over flowing. Are most single moms raising criminals, NO....Are most violent criminals from single mother household, YES

Single mother housholds are the reason the repeat divorce rate is so high in the new age kids as they grow older

Single mother households are the reason so many kids are dependent on prozac and other antidepressant or mood altering drugs

Single mother housholds are the reason for most of the teen pregnancy today


Single mother housholds are the reason American men are now mostly spineless wimps!!!


Once she has painted the child's father as the "evil Asshole" within the family picture, strips him of all dignity and pride then throws him to the curb, she precedes to raise her son(s) as girls. Enforcing in him that all men are assholes and he has to be a nice little girlie-boy or he'll be an asshole like his father. If for no other reason than that's all she knows.

Most Single mothers are not monsters or Man haters. The decision to put dad on the street are often legitimate. Be it violence, drugs, infidelity, death etc.. But with this action comes the responsibility to fill that void with a stable male role model. A granddad, uncle, family member, or friend. Not a revolving door of walking sperm donors being forced upon him. Most single moms bust their cute little asses to care and raise their family as best they can and should be commended for such. but without a solid male role model their son will grow up just like mom. The teenage girls having kids out of sheer ignorance with having no father even being a concern need their behinds kicked for their own good.

This has made for nonsense mainstream ideaoligy such as organized unisex youth sports with no winners or losers and everyone makes the team, cause we don't want to hurt his girlie little feelings... and forcing boy teams to have girls on them to take away any lessons on male bonding before it takes roots. The day I see women's groups marching in front of Curves for Women instead of the Boy Scouts and the Little league Association, will be the the day I might stop thinking of them as sexist bitches on a mission.

The Education Board has adopted a policy to "raise the boys as girls" (I know this sounds paranoid but if u research it you will find it is an actual reform policy right out of Washington). The reasoning is it will make for a less violent and more sensitive man.

The result...............................................

ManPussies, Men shaving their bodies and primping their hair. Men wearing make up and having cosmetic surgery. Ads and TV shows portraying men as little girlie-men.

Every commercial and show on TV revolves the helpless wimpy man bumbling along while the stronger alpha female (just like mom) saves the day. Put up a male bonding targeted spot showing men in a dominant role over woman and the women groups shut it down b4 men can rally around it (such as the girls wrestling in the fountain over lite beer for an easily rembered example). all family portrayals involve the "in charge" wife and the village idiot hubby. The cop shows etc. with rough tough men characters running around saving the world with their gun never involves a spousal charactor because a dominant male in a family role is forbiden from the liberal media

Most of the men in America are big wimpy pussies now. If your dad came home when you were a kid and shaved his legs and chest before going out with your mom you would have been traumatized. Now it is encouraged with the whole Metro Sexual girlie-man movement. Everything in mass media is gay gay gay pushing a sensitive gentler male image. Shows pushing complete make overs making men "pretty" are prime time viewing.

Wake up to the gendercide and stand on your own two hairy legs. Declare your freedom from the grips of the Girlie-man trend that dear o'le single parent mom, with her best intentions has enrolled you in.

To the women that feel they can raise their kids without a father or male role model....Shut the fuck up

To all the Pussy-boys clinging to their wives apron strings (purely an expression cause today's women doesn't need one for the microwave) waiting for the wife to give them permission to speak since mom packed their balls in a jar and put them on the shelf next to his dad's, never to be seen again......Shut the fuck up